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Subject: Is it possible to ruin film (35 mm) while still in the camara?

Date: Mon Jun 9 09:42:46 2003
Posted by Cindy
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My project is for a photography class and I'm studying how light or certain 
chemicals might distroy 35 mm film while it's still in the camara.  
> For example, you're told to avoid putting your camara through the
> security machines at airports because it could ruin your film.  Is it
> because of light, something magnetic, or something else?  
> Is there something specific that would ruin your film (or atleast the
> frame) if you took a picture of it?  For example, the sun, or something
> magnetic or something else?
> What causes film to be destoyed while still in the camara?
> Thanks

Re: Is it possible to ruin film (35 mm) while still in the camara?

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