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Re: can you get sunburn through a tinted car window?

Date: Sun Jul 6 22:04:25 2003
Posted By: Dr. Nagesh N Bhat, Post-doc/Fellow, Biophysics,
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1057411873.Gb

Sun burn can occur due to two reasons- either excess heat by infrared 
component of sun light due to prolonged exposure or due to damage by UV 
component, which is present in abundant in sun light. About 2mm thick 
ordinary glass can cut off most of the UV in sunlight. Tinted glass can 
only reduce other component of the light, which reduces overall intensity 
of the spectrum. It is very helpful to reduce the heat-producing 
component. It also helps to reduce the total light energy influx into the 
vehicle. Usage of glass or tinted glass is only reduction of the problem 
but not complete elimination. Sometimes, when sun is very intense, we may 
still feel uncomfortable. Cloth screens may be used to avoid such problems.

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