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Subject: Do the claims made in this paragraph and website have any truth in them?

Date: Thu Jul 10 07:59:01 2003
Posted by Joel
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Area of science: Physics
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Does the following paragraph have any truth to it? Also, do the claims made at (the site that I copied this paragraph from) have a 
truth in them? Thanks

According to classical electrodynamics, all electrically charged particles, 
like quarks of protons and neutrons as well as orbital electrons for example, 
should radiate away energy from precessional and precessional plus orbital 
motion. If in fact this really happens then all electrically charged particles 
can be radiating away energy all the time. However, all particles can also 
absorb just as much energy from all other radiating particles. The absorbed 
energy applies electromagnetic forces that naturally move all similar type 
particles into harmonious precessional motions with all other particles. This 
results in a vast sea of electromagnetic standing waves among all matter. Even 
free particles would move into precessional motions that are in sync with the 
established sea of standing waves

Re: Do the claims made in this paragraph and website have any truth in them?

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