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Subject: Which substances wil elevate the freezing point of water?

Date: Mon Aug 4 19:25:06 2003
Posted by Denni
Grade level: teacher/prof School: Sylvan Learning Centre
City: Hinton State/Province: AB Country: Canada
Area of science: Other
ID: 1060043106.Ot

At the modest 2-3 degrees C inside my refrigerator, I have still experienced a 
number of items freezing. These are typically fruits, usually citrus, but not 
always (this time it's the strawberry juice) which develop very sturdy and 
extended ice crystals despite the temperature getting nowhere close to zero. An 
exhaustive search of the web has revealed about a million things which will 
depress the freezing point of water, but none which will elevate it. Is the 
answer all in citric acid?

Re: Which substances wil elevate the freezing point of water?

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