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Subject: What happens when an EMP field intersects an EM field?

Date: Tue Aug 5 03:30:23 2003
Posted by Mark Cagnacci
Grade level: nonaligned School: none
City: Johannesburg State/Province: Gauteng Country: South Africa
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1060072223.Ph

I was recently reading about a propsal to give police access to 'EMP Guns' for 
use in stalling the engines of vehicles, but one of the concerns about the idea 
was if the driver had a pacemaker...

From what I understand, regular EMP shielding (in the form of sheet metal,) 
would be entirely unsuitable. And, I think, the electrodes connected to the 
patient's heart would fire. 

Would it be possible to shield against an EMP by using a high powered 
electromagnetic field? (EG - do magnetic fields expend energy on each other 
when they intersect?) Also, if this were a high altitude detonation of a 
nuclear bomb, would the radiation responsible for causing the EMP negate this 

Re: What happens when an EMP field intersects an EM field?

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