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Re: have there been more inventions during wartime or peacetime?

Date: Wed Aug 13 10:44:54 2003
Posted By: Kirt Van Overen, Secondary School Teacher, Science, Pinewood Middle School
Area of science: Science History
ID: 1060739398.Sh

Kristen, that question is almost impossible to answer.  At any time, 
there are many countries at war, but many others at peace.  I think it is 
fair to say that war brings on the need for new inventions for future 
wars.  Many devices used during wars often find a place in peacetime 
endeavors as well.  Take the Jeep and Hummer vehicles for example.  Also, 
technologies used during wars get implemented in our everyday lives.

To answer your question in the best possible manner, I would say that 
most inventions are created during peacetime.  However, war brings on an 
acceleration for new inventions to be created during and especially after 
a war.

I hope this helps.

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