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Subject: What are your suggestions for a more efficient Tesla Coil?

Date: Fri Aug 15 00:19:45 2003
Posted by Roman
Grade level: 10-12 School: Lumberton High School
City: Lumberton State/Province: Texas Country: United States
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1060924785.Ph

I have been working on a Tesla Coil for about 2 months now and need to know 
what you think I am doing wrong.  Obviously, I havent gotten it to work yet.  I 
am using 5 microwave oven transformers wired in a parallel circut, each is 
rated at 600W.  The Primary coil is 40" in Diameter, and stands 19" tall (8 
rounds of 3/8" copper tubing).  The secondary is 4.5" in diameter and stands 
36" tall (874 rounds of 19AWG enameled copper wire).  My capacitor bank 
consists of 40 Air conditioning unit caps rated from 1uf to 160uf. ANY help 
would be nice.

Re: What are your suggestions for a more efficient Tesla Coil?

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