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Subject: can you sense a sound wave in (salinated) water by electrical resistance

Date: Tue Aug 26 16:47:24 2003
Posted by ronald
Grade level: undergrad School: long past ...
City: wateringen State/Province: No state entered. Country: netherlands
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1061934444.Ph

I want a very small hydrophone. sound in water is longitudinal. This is always 
depicted as a bunch of dots, the "top" of the wave is where the dots are 
closest. I assume there really is compression of the water in those spots.
this would mean more ions at those points in salinated water. I guess this 
means better conductivity at those times. If I carefully space two wires with a 
voltage across them close together and immerse the ends, the wires facing the 
wavefront, would I see a current varying with the soundwave passing the wire-
ends ?   

Re: can you sense a sound wave in (salinated) water by electrical resistance

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