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Subject: dna preservation over long periods - up to 3000 years

Date: Sun Jul 20 08:00:13 2003
Posted by christopher moore
Grade level: undergrad School: n/a
City: geelong State/Province: victoria Country: australia
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 1058706013.Ge

dna deteriorates over time, and it is said that cloning requires dna no more 
than 5 days (old) or frozen.  Of course, to clone extinct creatures (say 
thousands of years old) is there no conceivable way (you know, in theory) that 
DNA could be preserved some other way.  For example, is there SOMETHING that 
*might* allow an appropriately preserved body from ancient egypt be cloned? It 
will obviously not be a proven fact answer, just a suggestion of what MIGHT be 

Re: dna preservation over long periods - up to 3000 years

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