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Subject: Can an external electric field create current?

Date: Fri Jul 25 00:44:19 2003
Posted by John
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Area of science: Physics
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Since P=VI (Power = Voltage * Current), does the "I" have to consist of 
electrons originating from the material used to create the "V"?

Theory: Find a p-type material and run a conductor from a metal to this 
material.  Create an electric field with a second p-type material and an n-
type material.  Place the first component within the ambient electric field of 
the second component.  When light photons strike the metal it would free 
electrons that could be pushed by the external electric field along the 
conductor to the first p-type material.  This would eliminate the need to 
create an electric field from material that matches a specific eV giving you 
more flexibility.

Re: Can an external electric field create current?

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