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Re: do plants grow better in sunlight or artifical light?why?

Date: Wed Sep 10 18:40:05 2003
Posted By: David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA
Area of science: Botany
ID: 1063225705.Bt

Yes, plants can grow better under artificial lights (more accurately called 
electric lights) if the plants are supplied with more total light than 
sunlight provides. However, such electric lighting systems are expensive to 
build and operate and not often used except for research and by growers of 
illegal drugs, such as marijuana. Phytofarms in DeKalb, Illinois used to 
produce lettuce and other crops for supermarkets using just electric lights 
but they have since gone out of business.

Plants grown under electric lights are usually indoors where they get more 
water, light and fertilizer than they would outdoors. Indoor plants are also 
more likely to be protected from damaging winds and pests and have more 
optimal temperatures. Thus, even with the same amount of electric light or 
sunlight, the indoor plant would have better growing conditions than the 
outdoor plant. Electric lighting also allows the plant to receive light for 18 
to 24 hours per day so the plant can photosynthesize longer each day than with 

It is often better to grow flower and vegetable seedlings under fluorescent 
lights in your home because they typically get more light under electric 
lights than on a home windowsill in winter.


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