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Re: Do twins interact beforw they are born?

Date: Tue Sep 16 00:38:49 2003
Posted By: Mark Lawson, Staff, Ultrasonics, LubbockUltrasound
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1062341451.Me

My wife and I love the name Lily and if our next baby is a girl... Lily 
she will be.   Do Twins interact before they are born is a question right 
up my alley.  For 25 years I've done obstetrical ultrasound looking 
specifically at the developing babies.  Did you know before ultrasound 
when most moms found out they were having twins???  Yes, at birth.   Now 
with ultrasounds we can see the twins very early and adjust the medical 
care to the mom to have two healthy babies.  We average looking at 14 sets 
of twins a year here in West Texas, so I've seen a lot of them and I'm 
here to report firsthand that they do interact.  We had this video of 
twins and one baby was punching the other twin, left, right, another 
right, a left to the body.  True story BTW.  The other baby just took it 
for a few seconds and since both babies were head up and facing each other 
the now pummelled baby head butted the other baby.... all several months 
before birth.  Just like a poked gravid uterus will elicit a reaction from 
a fetus, so will babies poked from the other twin.
Mark Lawson, Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (1978)

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