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Re: What is a good explanation on what a pond is?

Date: Mon Sep 22 19:49:40 2003
Posted By: Eric Biddinger, Agriculture & Natural Resources Educator, Porter County
Area of science: Environment
ID: 1063221461.En

Thanks for the question!

For starters, letís look in the dictionary.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a pond is "a body of water 
usually smaller than a lake".  O.K.  Not a lot of help there.  

I riffled through several of my college text books to come up with 
a "scientific" definition.  The truth is I don't think there is one.  The 
definition you are looking for would probably be found in state or 
federal laws relating to wetlands or drainage.  I tried to search the 
internet for such laws, but didn't find anything quite as conclusive as 
you might want.  

I did find the following two entries that deal with wetlands.

Hope this helps!
Eric Biddinger
AgNR Educator
Purdue Extension - Porter County

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