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Re: where can i find the history of ursa major and ursa minor

Date: Thu Sep 25 12:42:14 2003
Posted By: Steve Nelson, research physicist
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1064170525.As
have information on Ursa Major, and legends/history surrounding it. I've found that many common skywatching books have a historical overview of all the major constellations, and most have fascinating stories behind them (usually associated with ancient Greek myths). You should be able to find and cite as a reference any skywatching or stargazing book from your library or at a local bookstore. Most bookstores (Barnes & Noble, Waldenbooks, etc...) typically have a good sky reference on their sale racks for $5-10 if you're interested in actually knowing your way around the sky. Just a little reading and you can get oriented to what's up there pretty easily, and the historical information in the back of most of them (they generally follow similar formats, with a section on the origins of names for constellations and planets in a separate section) can help you with your report. You should attempt to give these books a proper reference (end notes or footnotes).

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