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Re: Is there any career out there for me?

Date: Fri Sep 26 18:15:00 2003
Posted By: Kai Bester, Post-doc/Fellow, Environmental Science, Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1063746164.Gb

Dear Webadmin,  
   the e-mail adress will be changing, but this is not the final aderess.
   considering the request, I only can answer for Europe, the US
   situation may be different.
   There is certainly a need for research divers. several institutes in
   Europe are employing research divers, though the total number is
   limited, of course. I would guess there are about 100 active research
   divers in Europe. Additionally there are lots more service divers for
   offshore oilplatforms and (more and more ) wind energy platforms.
   Of course there are lots of possibilities to study marine biology
   including sharks and scubadiving. You should though be aware, that  
   there are no livetime positions for that, thus you would have to
   change drastically after performing a masters or PhD degree.
   Does that help?
   Kind regards
   Kai Bester 

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