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Subject: How can my father be a non secretor of B+ blood type when he is o+

Date: Mon Sep 29 17:14:44 2003
Posted by Tasha
Grade level: undergrad School: No school entered.
City: lake elsinore State/Province: California Country: United States
Area of science: Other
ID: 1064873684.Ot

I checked the arckives and i still do not under stand how i ended up with AB+ 
blood , you said my father who is o+ was a non secreter of B+  and that is what 
gave me my blood type AB+.. I do not understand how he can have both O+ and B+ 
to pass on to his children, usually, ( at least as i understand it you get 
either your mothers blod type, your fathers blood type, or a combination of 
both, i do not undertand how he ccould give me B+ blood typing when he is O+.. 
It would seem more likeley for me to have O or A  blood type, .. Can you please 
explain further?

thank you

Re: How can my father be a non secretor of B+ blood type when he is o+

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