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Subject: radium colour is harmful?

Date: Wed Oct 8 09:31:17 2003
Posted by Ketan
Grade level: grad (science) School: Ramjiashar
City: Mumbai State/Province: Mah Country: india
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1065623477.Ph


I am staying at India. Just now we are decorating our new flat. My father is 
planning to apply RADIUM COLOUR at ceiling (colour mixed with radium), to get 
image of Stars at Night. But what we have bee teached is Radium is Harmful and 
may cause Cancer. 

Can you please inform me, is it harmful to use Radium colour? Will it emit 
enough quantity of Radioactive to be harmful? Or amount of emission will be too 
low and not effect us??

I hope, i will get the real informastion fomr here


Ketan Mehta

Re: radium colour is harmful?

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