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Subject: Non-C14 radiometric dating of historical artifacts

Date: Sun Sep 28 14:22:30 2003
Posted by Robert
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City: Albuquerque State/Province: NM Country: USA
Area of science: Evolution
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A web acquaintance who is a staunch creationist maintains that non-C14 
radiometric dating is "unscientific" because it has "never been used to date 
material of a known historic provenance".  I would like to offer evidence that 
might persuade him that he is in error in this instance.  I cited the use of 
isotopes arising from nuclear testing in the dating of such things as ice 
bodies and aquifers, but I couldn't provide citations, just unsubstantiated 
memory.  I would appreciate any help you might offer.

Re: Non-C14 radiometric dating of historical artifacts

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