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Re: Crucifixion survival as per bible description

Date: Sun Oct 19 15:36:19 2003
Posted By: Luc Ronchi, M.D., Anesthesiology, Anesthesiologie Hopital
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1065149782.Me

Interesting historical question.

In my opinion, prognosis of such a critical situation is directly linked 
to the delay between trauma and medical action. It is easy to imagine 
that a 33 years old male left careless for 6 to 10 hours after having 
sustained penetrating trauma chest would have a very poor prognosis 
(acute blood loss, respiratory distress, dehydratation, infection).

On the other hand, immediate medical action following thoracic injury (I 
mean fluid loading and transfusion, ventilation and pain control, 
surgical control of bleeding) brings a rather high probability of 

Crucifixion has its own "side effects", i.e. respiratory distress because 
of rib cage motion impairement, hypovolhemia (blood stored in the lower 
limbs) and exhaustion because of pain. Add to this acute dehydratation if 
this occurs around noon, in a subtropical location.

I believe, on a general standpoint, that it is almost impossible to give 
a "mathematical" prognosis for individuals. Probabilities apply to 
groups. I therefore fell unable to go beyond, regarding a special 
person's prognosis.

Hope this helps


Luc A. Ronchi
Ped Anaesth
Hopital de Saint Nazaire

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