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Subject: How to sustain a small spider, and some larvae, alive?

Date: Thu Nov 6 12:45:25 2003
Posted by Ivan
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Area of science: Zoology
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Ok. I have a minuscule spider settled on my desk from a several days ago. 

I have white thick larvae (with brownish 'heads') in the neighbouring room. The 
larvae popped out of acorns. The acorns have been picked up in eastern Europe 
on an approximately 600m altitude. 

I have no idea what species the larvae belong to, and that impedes my search 
for answer. 

As for the spider, I have no idea how to treat him. And he has such a temper 
that makes one think he deserves to live. 

How can I sustain them alive? Please be kind, do not leave me with nothing. 

Re: How to sustain a small spider, and some larvae, alive?

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