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Re: What experiments can I do with kids to learn about a specimin bone?

Date: Wed Nov 12 13:03:03 2003
Posted By: Thomas M. Greiner, Associate Professor of Anatomy / Physical Anthropology
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 1067446255.An

Experiments to do with kids to learn about bones.

There really are not a lot of things you can do from a forensic 
perspective on chicken bones. Most of the ones we see are from young 
chickens and I suspect, for economic reasons, male. Without comparisons, 
any specific little detail would be out of context and mostly difficult to 

Instead, I suggest you look at the relationships among bones within and 
between animal species. The absolute BEST book I can think of to guide you 
in this is:

ďMake Your Own Dinosaur out of Chicken Bones: Foolproof Instructions for 
Budding PaleontologistsĒ by Christopher McGowan. Perennial Books, 1997

I donít think you can miss if you have the kids collect chicken bones to 
make a dinosaur. The project is fun (Iíve done it twice myself) and very 
instructive on comparative anatomy (as a PhD Iím a little ashamed to admit 
how much I learned from this book and project).

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