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Subject: what technologies were developed from youngs light experiment

Date: Mon Nov 17 18:13:33 2003
Posted by Lizzy
Grade level: 7-9 School: wayzata high school
City: plymouth State/Province: mn Country: 55441
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1069114413.Ph

what technologies were developed directly and indirectly from Thomas Youngs 
double slit diffraction experiment.  I searched the archives and all that it 
said (it was helpful in explaining the experiment) was how to duplicate the 
experiment.  I am having difficulty learning what we got from the results.  i 
know we got the electron microscope but what else.  Also do the results help 
the understanding of "QUANTUM MECHANICS" and if they do does that mean that the 
technologies we got from "QUANTUM MECHANICS" are indirectly from the double 
slit experiment done by Thomas Young.  Thanks so much for your time~~~~Lizzy

Re: what technologies were developed from youngs light experiment

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