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Subject: non-occurance of polyploidy in hybridomas

Date: Tue Oct 14 04:19:33 2003
Posted by ritankar majumdar
Grade level: undergrad School: haldia institute of technology
City: clacutta State/Province: west bengal Country: india
Area of science: Immunology
ID: 1066123173.Im

as we all know is that the mainstay of hybridoma technology is the fusion 
between a myeloma cell and normal cell secreting or producing the required 
compound between the same or different species. we know that both the myeloma/ 
transformed cells as well as the normal cells are dioploid. thus a fused cell 
resulting in a fused nucleus should give rise to a tetraploid nucleus. normally 
animal cells cannot tolerate polyploidy , then how does the hybridoma cells 
survive and maintain normal ( or oncogenic) functions.
please provide me with the plausuble answer
ritankar majumdar

Re: non-occurance of polyploidy in hybridomas

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