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Subject: How can i set up a complex/advanced microbiology home lab?

Date: Sun Nov 2 23:34:38 2003
Posted by stephen
Grade level: undergrad School: Open University
City: sunderland State/Province: N/A Country: United Kingdom
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 1067837678.Cb

I know it is possible to set up a home lab. and with a powerfull microscope i can view minute animals such as the water flea and see its heart beat. monitor affects of its heart with alchohol etc. but i would love to know how i can set up a more complex home lab and i dont know where to start. also what kind of more complex experiments can i do. and what are the smallest things i can view or monitor with a home microscope. what about chemistry lab and obtaining/using chemicals etc. any help or guidence would be great as i am just getting started. also. what is possible with respect to test including dna testing.proteins.blood viewing.etc etc. thank you very much for your time

Re: How can i set up a complex/advanced microbiology home lab?

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