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Subject: What schizophrenia drugs can cause adverse reactio

Date: Sun Nov 30 21:32:27 2003
Posted by Cheryl Marshall
Grade level: grad (science) School: UMA dental
City: Bangor State/Province: ME Country: USA
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1070249547.Me

Preparing a paper "Patients with Special Needs Fact Sheet"  for dental hygenist
class.  It will be passed in this week but I very much want to know what
schizophrenia drugs can cause adverse reactions when used with drugs used for
dental treatments.  Each students paper will be shared with the entire class of
23 for their future use in dentistry. I will include this information in an
addendum.  I appreciate your time in answering this question.  I have personally
spent 2 1/2 hours searching the web for an answer.  You are now my last hope. 
Thank you, CAM  p.s. no previous files pertain to this question

Re: What schizophrenia drugs can cause adverse reactio

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