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Re: Is there a bird where the male and female have a different shaped beak?

Date: Tue Dec 9 22:07:42 2003
Posted By: Marcus Knight, Staff, Planetcare Science, Private Conservation Permaculture Consulting
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1069044808.Zo

Bills are a specialisation to diet only so there is no difference between 
the diet aspects of males or females. Some male birds have larger and 
different colour crest above the beaks  than their female counterparts but 
the shape is still the same.Long Billed Sandpipers have 20cm or 8inch 
beaks slightly longer beaks than the males. Sandpipers and Ovenbirds have 
the biggest range of different beaks among their species as a whole and 
their diets vary on equal status.
Reference The Encyclopedia of Birds. Dr Christopher M Perrins and Dr Alex 
L A Middleton. 1985.

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