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Re: When does a man have an orgasm

Date: Mon Dec 22 23:11:07 2003
Posted By: Jose Roberto Lizama, M.D., Psychiatry, Instituto Salvadoreno del Seguro Social
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1066702307.Me

The man as well as the woman does experience an orgasm.  There are
differences to be considered, though.  In a man, he has to attain certain
sexual tension to enable him to have an erection of his penis.  When he is
stimulated by the partner or by himself, there is an increasing amount of
sexual tension.  As this tension rises, he feels an increasing sensation,
which turns into an urge to ejaculate or attain his orgasm.  After he has
had such orgasm or ejaculation his penis will loose the erection and return
to the non-stimulated state.  He doesnít freeze; it is supposed to be an
intense relaxation phase that which comes after it.

The male orgasm or ejaculation isnít only the experience or release of
sexual tension and erotic pleasure.  It involves the release of a
suspension of various liquids, such as, semen, prostate fluids, and other
glandular secretions.  This solution carries sperm cells, nutrients and
other solutions, which give it its viscosity.

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