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Re: What is a way to test if people see the same color differently?

Date: Fri Jan 2 11:05:32 2004
Posted By: Jose Roberto Lizama, M.D., Psychiatry, Instituto Salvadoreno del Seguro Social
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1072731222.Me

Do two different people see a given color the same way? My friend and I are having a lot of trouble finding a way to measure this in a fair test. We thought about using our computer's custom color option, as we could then measure how close the test subject got to the color. All people are supposed to see the colors just the same, there can be a variation in their interpretation of what name the color is. For example, “shy blue” may not be the same as “light blue” to you and for me but, basically we should be in accordance that it is a light shade of blue. If one cannot see a given color she or him may suffer from daltonism. A daltonic person just cannot see on a given color spectrum. In order to figure who is daltonic, color charts have been developed. Check out this site for examples http://www.bareket.

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