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Subject: Life created in the lab

Date: Mon Jan 5 22:15:43 2004
Posted by Bernhard Schauerte
Grade level: grad (science) School: n/a
City: kelowna State/Province: b.c. Country: canada
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1073362543.Gb

I thank you for the lengthy response, I understood 80% on a quick first read but
will hang onto it to read again.

    You put into words the aspect of religious belief which I  could not express
-they are running around in circles accepting the simple truths that are fed to
them without question.  I HAVE a question. and a because thats the way it is
answer is not good enough.    
I have 5 years Biology & Chemistry in High school(60/70's) plus additional
studies in minerology(3 yrs) and water sciences(2 yrs).
Religious faith- Christians.
1.) question: has life ever been recreated in the lab?(since the 70's alot has
My understanding what life is:   an electro-biochemical process -  correct?

Because of a girl "always the girl" introducing me to her faith.  

I had pointed questions as well.  Their counter points are interesting and I
would like an answer to justify where I stood (on the wall leaning toward science).

Trying to be fair, I listened to what was said.  "In the beginning there was
darkness, God said let there be light. 
   Interesting comparison to the big bang theory, no? (I suppose I could also
make the comparison towards no hope and hope through faith.) nothing to do with

Another pointed question from me "Where did GOD come from?"  the response:
"always has existed"
    2.)Where did the dust, and energy come from?  I believe I remember someone
saying that it always was.   Is that about right?

Re: Life created in the lab

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