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Re: why doesn't sugar affect your heart rate?

Date: Sat Jan 10 14:26:36 2004
Posted By: Gil Stoewsand, Faculty, Food Science & Technology, Cornell University
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1066700148.Me

The heart is a muscular pumping organ of the body and principal 
instrument in driving the blood to all parts of the body. Adults have a 
normal resting heart beat of 72 strokes per minute. Various things 
influence the heart rate, e.g. exercise, drugs, hormonal factors, 
psychological factors, certain disease states, etc.  Normal intake of 
any nutrients, including sugar, have not been shown to have any 
effect on the heart rate. Indeed, why would it? Unless, of course, if a 
high intake of sugared foods and beverages that would create 
obesity may  enhance fat deposits around the heart thus causing an 
effect on its normal pumping action.

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