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Subject: Why don't eskimos have blonde hair and blue eyes?

Date: Sat Jan 24 01:38:10 2004
Posted by joey
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At this link:, 
it explains that europeans have blond hair and blue eyes because they live in 
northern climates that have little contact with UV rays.  Thus, through natural 
selection, they produce little melanin and have light colored skin, etc.  Then 
why don't eskimos, who also live in a cold climate with almost no sun most of 
the year, have blonde hair and blue eyes?  I read about cases of blonde/red 
hair and blue eye peoples living in Northern AFrica (mainly Burburs and 
Moroccans) and the Middle East.  Are there any other known non-Caucasian people 
with these characteristics?  I really appreciate your time and effort in 
answering my questions.  Thanks a lot!!

Re: Why don't eskimos have blonde hair and blue eyes?

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