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Subject: Are supermassive black holes connected somehow to string theory?

Date: Mon Jan 12 02:39:05 2004
Posted by Gil James Bavel
Grade level: undergrad School: Kansas University
City: Lawrence State/Province: KS Country: USA
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1073896745.As

Having recently seen back-to-back Nova specials on PBS regarding both
supermassive black holes and string theory, I was curious as to whether there
might be a connection betweeen the two, e.g. that some of the mathematics that
we don't yet understand about string theory might have something to do with our
(comparitively) recent understanding of the relationship between supermassive
black holes at the center of their galaxies having a direct corellation to stars
at their peremiter, specifically that said stars have a much faster interval
(suggesting a "birth relationship") than other "nonconnected" stars in the same
galaxy.  This question pertains to areas of science of both astronomy and
physics.  Thank you!

Re: Are supermassive black holes connected somehow to string theory?

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