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Re: What is music's affect on a runner's endurance?

Date: Fri Feb 6 20:49:09 2004
Posted By: Jose Roberto Lizama, M.D., Psychiatry, Instituto Salvadoreno del Seguro Social
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1068675541.Me

Although I have no literature regarding this topic but, music and exercise
have been used for various reasons.  No one can deny the inspiration a
musical tune can have on a person.  For instance take the Rocky I theme
song or “The Eye of the Tiger,” the audience gets both inspired and excited
with the plot and the exhilarating feelings the tune provokes.  Ice skaters
use music to distribute the various routines in time with the beat.

Making an educated guess, I believe music can affect positively on a
runner’s endurance so long as it doesn’t distract him o her from the road
or other dangers and, provides a needed inspiration to push on and reach a
new limit of fortitude.

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