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Re: Can Flatulance be 'smelled up'?

Date: Tue Feb 10 21:07:20 2004
Posted By: Dr. Nagesh N Bhat, Post-doc/Fellow, Biophysics,
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1076443781.Gb

Spreading of molecules in gaseous or in colloidal form is purely based on 
dispersion mechanism. When the molecules are inhaled, they are partly 
absorbed in the lung and also in the nose, which leads to sensing by the 

It is possible to clear off the smell by exhaust. Although inhaling the 
smell clears off the molecules, the quantity thus cleared is very less as 
the spread continues in the atmosphere. Further, only a fraction of the 
molecules inhaled is absorbed. However, after a while, the sensory cells 
may get saturated with the smell and we may feel that there is no smell or 
the same is reduced. Dilution by diffusion also helps for this. 

Our system knows better, whether the ambience we live in is good or bad. 
Even if you are inhaling fragrance, prolonged inhalation may lead to 
headache. Respond to the body signals and obey its demands to get rid of 
it with no regards on the source.

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