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Subject: May I dust cardinal feed with pepper to discourage the squirrels'?

Date: Thu Jan 15 23:53:47 2004
Posted by Jonathan Bartell
Grade level: 10-12 School: Home School
City: Plano State/Province: TX Country: collin
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1074232427.Zo

The squirrels eat the black sunflower seed as fast as I put it out.  I have 
tried every thing imaginable.  I even put my feeder on the end of a conduit 
pipe the sprayed the pipe with wd-40.  They always find a way to have dinner.  
I donít want to feed squirrels because I have seen them rob bird nest.  Will 
cayenne pepper hurt the birds or the squirrels?

One more question please.  I found A nest in my peach tree, which appears to be 
made from straw, sort of longer than wide but not much but is plastered 
together with mud of sorts.  Most significant is a neat hole about the size of 
a nickel in one end of the nest as though for party training.  Have you ever 
seen such a thing and which bird can I credit for the marvel.

Thank you very much


Re: May I dust cardinal feed with pepper to discourage the squirrels'?

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