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Subject: What organism would feed on the mold in my water bottle?

Date: Tue Feb 17 16:04:02 2004
Posted by Jonathan
Grade level: nonaligned School: Thunderbird Adventist Academy
City: Scottsdale State/Province: AZ Country: USA
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1077055442.Gb

I left my Nalgene water bottle in my car for a period of 5 weeks.  The cap was 
tightened firmly, and I thought there was no water inside.  When cleaning out 
my car, I noticed mold 
growing on the inside and put a mixture of water and bleach inside to clean 
it.  As I poured this mixture out, a quarter-sized organism, cream in color, 
with what appeared to be mold spores on the underside came out with the 
mixture.  I have two fears.  First, that if I continue to use my water bottle 
I might ingest bacteria, and second, that the bacteria (or whatever it is) 
might grow inside me and become as large as whatever it was that came out with 
the mixture.  Can you help me?

Re: What organism would feed on the mold in my water bottle?

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