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Subject: cloning the extinct bird?

Date: Sun Feb 15 21:43:35 2004
Posted by Scott
Grade level: grad (non-science) School: High School
City: New London State/Province: Wisconsin Country: United States
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 1076903015.Cb

Is it possible to clone the extinct passenger pigeon?

If it is possible to clone the passenger pigeon how might you clone it?

The Mourning Dove is closest looking creature to the extict passenger pigeon?
Is it possible that the extict passenger pigeon still has genome?

Do bird feathers have DNA in them?

Where could you find the extict passenger pigeon genome?

Does the passenger pigeon have to be alive to have genome?

Would the Mourning Dove genome come in handy in cloning the extinct passenger 

Can the genome of the Mourning Dove fill in any of the missing parts of the 
passenger pigeon genome?

Would you need some of the Mourning Dove DNA to help clone the extinct 
passenger pigeon?

Thanks for your help!!!
Scott Huettl

Re: cloning the extinct bird?

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