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Re: Re: difference between dense regular and dense irregular connective tissue

Date: Tue Feb 24 06:36:03 2004
Posted By: Shoaib Khan,
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 1076472445.An

Hey Ashlea,

It is known as DENSE IRREGULAR connective tissue when the collagen fibres 
are arranged in bundles without a definite orientation. The collagen 
fibres form a 3 dimentional network in dense irregular tissue and provide 
resistance to stress from all directions. This type of tissue is 
encountered in such areas as THE DERMIS (skin).

The collagen bundles of DENSE REGULAR connective tissue are arranged 
according to a definite pattern. The collagen fibres of this tissue are 
alligned with the linear orientation of fibroblasts (skin cells) in response to 
stresses exerted in the same direction; they consequently offer great 
resistance to traction forces. Tendons are the most common example of 
dense regular connective tissue.

Hope that will clear things up for you Ashlea.

Thanking You

Dr. Shoaib

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