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Subject: Technology - is it a cure or a curse?

Date: Mon Feb 16 13:26:57 2004
Posted by david
Grade level: 10-12 School: henry mellish
City: nottingham State/Province: nottinghamshire Country: united kingdom
Area of science: Other
ID: 1076959617.Ot

I am a teacher who has been asked to support 20 students into addressing the 
above question. I am keen for them to try to involve as many learning/subject 
areas as possible, as I believe they need to have a holistic [multi-
disciplinary] approach to this. 
I am a 49 year old sports teacher and feel somewhat out of my depth and would 
apreciate some guidance. Thank you for considering my request.

(Admin note: This question has been packaged with a supplementary question:
Can I have information on technology -- Advantages/disadvantages please?)

Re: Technology - is it a cure or a curse?

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