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Re: cause of clinical obesity

Date: Sun Feb 29 18:53:24 2004
Posted By: Gil Stoewsand, Faculty, Food Science & Technology, Cornell University
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1077676947.Me

You have essentially asked 3 questions.  1. Growth promoting 
hormones used in cattle production are NOT the growth hormone. 
They increase live weight gain, improve feed conversion ratio, and 
improve carcass quality (more lean beef). They are steroid 
hormones. They are not present in any significant levels in 
commercial beef. Humans produce,naturally, a thousand times more 
amounts of steroids as given to animals. The EU bans the 
importation of meat from cattle treated with these growth promoting 
hormones. The World Health Organization approved the use of the 
three natural steroid hormones used in beef production. WTO has 
rejected the EU ban, as it is not based on scientific evidence of harm. 
2. This is not a growth hormone responsible for increased heights of 
people. The reason people are taller in South Korea, Japan, etc. 
probably has to do with improved nutrition, including better protein, 
vitamin, mineral, etc. intake than their parents or grandparents living 
through wars with accompanied malnutrition and depressed food 
production. 3, Morbid obesity has nothing to do with height. It is, as 
discussed in the past year in newspapers, news magazines, health 
publications, etc., due to a large increased intake of sugared foods 
and beverages, huge portion size of foods, poor diet habits, and 
especially the lack of exercise in children and adults. Diabetes and 
other diseases are also accompanied by the huge weight carried by 
these individuals. 

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