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Re: Tell me about the rarest and highly paid jobs in Computer Science Engg

Date: Mon Mar 1 03:25:56 2004
Posted By: Ross Clement, Faculty, Department of Artificial Intelligence & Interactive Multimedia, University of Westminster
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 1077364612.Cs

This is a question much more difficult that you might expect. First, the
highest paid people in Computer Engineering are going to be those who start
their own company, and make a success of it. Most hi-tech startups fail,
but those that succeed can make extremely rich people of those that started
them. If you are talking about employment, then this depends on your local
market. If you look at jobs advertised in your local press, then this
should give you a clear indication of what the renumeration of various jobs
is. In general, if you are just starting out, then I would recommend that
you choose some speciality for which you will make yourself particularly
skilled (e.g. optimisiation of databases, finance, statistical methods,
etc.) and make yourself an authority on that topic, possibly by taking a
graduate degree after your undergraduate.

It's also important to consider the industry in which you expect to work
once you graduate. While I can't say exactly what the situation might be in
India, in the west you'll find that Banking and Finance may pay more than
education for a similar job. As a speciality, Computer and Network
Security, and fields such as Biometrics are growing now, and a speciality
in one of these will help.

But, if you going to graduate soon, you might find it difficult to find a
high-paying job immediately. If not, knuckle down, learn your craft, pick
up some specialities on the way, and then start working your way up.

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