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Re: What is the mineral composition of teeth in health and disease/

Date: Tue Mar 9 07:43:24 2004
Posted By: Shoaib Khan, Doctor, Dentistry & materials, Fatima Jinnah Dental Hospital
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1078142897.Me

Hay Andrew,

The tooth consists of a hard, inert, acellular ENAMEL formed by epithelial 
cells supported by the less mineralized, more resilient, and vital hard 
connective tissue DENTINE.

Now the mineral composition.

ENAMEL: - It consists of about 96% inorganic material, mainly 
hydroxyapatite crystallites with traces of organic material envoloping 
each crystallite. 

DENTINE: - By weight it is approximately 70% mineralized with 
hydroxyapatite crystals. Its organic component is mainlythe fibrous 
protein collagen. A characteristic feature of dentine is its permeation by 
closely packed tubules traversing its entire thickness and containing the 
cytoplasmic extensions of the cells that once formed it and later maintain 

This is all i know about the mineral composition of a tooth. There is some 
more information but that will come in histology of tooth. And for mineral 
thingee that is it!!

thanking you

Dr. Shoaib

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