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Re: what instrument would be able to detect copper in a tanning lotion?

Date: Sun Mar 7 19:54:14 2004
Posted By: Peter Gaul, Grad student, OHS & Environmental Management, company - non educational
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1078248830.Ch

Hi Becky,

I have to admit that I cheated somewhat on this one and made contact with 
a friend who lectures Chemistry in NZ.

His thoughts are that you would most likely be best off using Atomic 
Absoption (AA) Spectroscopy.

The response to your solution (lotion) is compared with a set of 
standards you make up which contain a known concentration of the metal 

Check out http://www for 
more info.

As for sample preparation you may not need to do anything to the lotion.  
If you must dilute to get it to a workable liquid state then you can add 
dionised water and then just remember to calculate back to your original 
concentration (C1V1 = C2V2).

Hope that all makes sense.


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