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Subject: Tharsis Planum Mars caused by Hellas Planitia impact ?

Date: Tue Mar 9 04:27:38 2004
Posted by James Payne
Grade level: undergrad School: North Devon College
City: Barstaple State/Province: Devon Country: England
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1078828058.Ph

Got 2002 U.S. Colour coded Topograpic Map of Mars (Res about 200 yards?)and 
noticed that two sites are nearly 180 degrees apart
impact angles at Hellas (from shape of crater)also seem to agree.
Valles Marines Canyon seems to run along a trajectory line.
The massive Effusive Vucanism of the Monts,altitude of plain might be better 
explained aparently most Martian Metorites that fall to Earth date from 160-180 
million years ago could this be why as the Hellas site looks relativly 
Doing an Open Univerity course (but this is chat room stuff) run by the ill 
fated Beagle team lack of response suggests it's a far fetched idea But I'm not 
suggesting a Cartoon like
punch through but a "concussive" relationship in the manner that a blow on one 
side of the skull causes bruising on the other.
Got used to looking for witness marks once at Aircraft crash sites many years 
ago sorry but could not let this one go as if I'm right would like to be 
ascociated with puting forward but am not a scientist.
Yours Sincerly James Payne.

Re: Tharsis Planum Mars caused by Hellas Planitia impact ?

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