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Subject: Haha. I am amused.

Date: Tue Dec 30 12:50:36 2003
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Area of science: Science History
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It makes me laugh when I watch interviews with world-leading 
scientists on the BBC. What exactly do these scientists do in their 
white coats in the first place. How does tracing back the roots of 
the telescope benefit today's scientific world? Who wants to know how 
those dinosaurs become extict? I see no reason why these meaningless 
researches will benefit today's society. Assuming that those dinos 
died cos' a meteorite came crashing towards Earth and knocked them 
off their heads, How would this knowledge help us to save the world? 
How would this prevent us Humans from dying the same way? Is this 
knowledge even necessary in the first place? Nope. It just provides 
jobs for professionals, that's all. The ultimate question, what are 
some of the breakthroughs that have been of any help to our world 
other than entertaining our brains with those fascinating facts of 
how dinos perish headless-style? Enlighten me.

Re: Haha. I am amused.

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