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Subject: Why will my strong magnet (4000 gauss) damage my TV screen?

Date: Thu Mar 18 14:34:49 2004
Posted by Niraj
Grade level: grad (science) School: Physics Department, Univ. of Pune
City: Pune State/Province: Mah. Country: India
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1079642089.Ph

I opened up my (now defunct) computer hard-disk and plucked out the cool 0.4 
Tesla magnet - i've been having fun with it in the School Lab with the CRT (in 
the electron diffraction experiment) - i take the magnet close to the ZnS 
screen, the electrons sway - and voila! i have lovely patterns reminiscent of 

Problem is, i wish to try out the above with my TV's CRT - i did it for 2 
seconds and the patterns were lovely!

I read that i will damage my TV if i keep the magnet close too long. Why 

Re: Why will my strong magnet (4000 gauss) damage my TV screen?

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