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Subject: What's physiological basis of Nystagmus?

Date: Fri Nov 7 02:07:45 2003
Posted by A.c.Afham
Grade level: grad (science) School: Faculty of Neuroscience,University of Kelaniya,(NCMC),Sri Lanka
City: Colombo State/Province: Western Country: Sri Lanka
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 1068192465.Ns

Actaually when there is a rotatory movements of the head to one direction,eyes 
move slovely to opposite side to the movements of the head and come back to a 
new fixation point quickly again it moves slowly in same direction to the 
movements of the haed, but actually I don't why it's or what's the 
physiological basis of that.

Re: What's physiological basis of Nystagmus?

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