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Subject: Is there such a blood type: I R S H A Negative?

Date: Tue Feb 10 12:40:37 2004
Posted by Humberto
Grade level: undergrad School: AWC
City: yuma State/Province: az Country: U.S.
Area of science: Immunology
ID: 1076438437.Im

An aquaintance of mine recently told me he had a very rare blood type of      
I-R-S-H-A negative..? He is an older guy and no knowledge of computers etc so i 
took it upon myself to help him out and get any info i can on the subject of his 
rare blood type.  Are there ANY support groups, newsletters, articles, chat 
clubs, etc that i can relay to him?

Re: Is there such a blood type: I R S H A Negative?

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