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Subject: Can a human grow flaps of skin that can act as parachutes?

Date: Sat Mar 20 08:59:46 2004
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I have read the article on this website entitled, "Can a human grow a tail?" 
and in doing so found out that new formations of skin and cartlidge can be 
created using matrices.  When I read the article I found out that "you could 
feasibly fix a tail-shaped matrix to a human, wait for growth, and you’ve got a 
tail."  Later in the article it states that "this tail would only be skin cells 
with a few blood vessels"  The article made me wonder about something.  Could a 
human grow flaps of skin that extend from the back of his/her body that, when 
held at the end by his or her arms to form and arch shape, could act as 

Re: Can a human grow flaps of skin that can act as parachutes?

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