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Subject: Strange nature of electromagnetic force carriers

Date: Tue Mar 2 17:02:46 2004
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If carriers of electromagnetic force are photons, it also means that magnetic 
fields surrounding magnets are also “composed” of photons. I must confess that 
I am confused by this, especially as magnetic fields and its effects on matter 
do not show any similarity with light, which is a form of electromagnetic 
radiation, itself also made of photons. If both electromagnetic radiation and 
magnetic field are carried by photons, then why light doesn’t cause a piece of 
iron to move around as magnetic field does. If it is made of photons, why 
photons of magnetic field don’t excite electrons of atoms that they “hit” to 
higher energy level as photons of electromagnetic radiation do? Do photons 
comprising a magnetic field have a particular wavelength/frequency as photons 
of electromagnetic radiation do? Why are these “same” things, so strikingly 
different in their manifestations?

Re: Strange nature of electromagnetic force carriers

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